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Specialist Areas

The service specialises in Assessment, Consultancy, Training and Intervention on the following specialist areas:

  • Developmental & Relational Trauma
  • Trauma-Informed Assessment and Therapeutic Intervention
  • Risk Assessment - Harmful Sexualised Behaviour
  • Assessment of Violent and Sexually Violent Adults (16+) - HCR-20v3
  • Sexual Offending (Youth & Adult)
  • Sibling Abuse/Incest 
  • Attachment (Child & Adult)
  • Child Sexual Abuse 
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Internet HSB & SO 
  • Non-Offending Parent (NOP) Assessment & Intervention
  • Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY)
  • Working with Violent Youth & Adult Clients
  • Self-Harm In Youth

Professional Registration

  • HCPC
  • BASW
  • NOTA (National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers)

Specialist Service Provision

The service offers Assessment, Consultancy, Training and Intervention with a contemporary approach to working with the whole child within a 'Developmental & Trauma-Focussed Whole Systems Framework'. The service applies a trauma, attachment and developmental lens and case formulation to inform a meaningful approach to working with children, adolescents and adults, their parents/caregivers, families and professionals - representing a significant shift away from both manualised and strictly harm/risk reduction or containment models of change and rehabilitation. Trauma & Attachment-informed work places an emphasis on the uniqueness and developmental needs of the child or adult, and the connections and relationships between individuals and important early figures in their lives. Prominence is placed on how early relationships set the template for and influence the development of pro-social interactions, relationships, and behaviours throughout life, including the development and maintenance of e.g. HSB. In a trauma & attachment-focussed model, intervention is not simply about psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioural modes of engagement and communication. It is also, and perhaps more critically, reflective of the way we think about and understand childhood adversity, sexual and physical harm and specifically child and adolescent violent and sexual offending . Further importance is placed on the way we interact with and relate to children, young people and their parents/carers, and the way in which we come to discover and understand the needs of children and young people presenting with adverse responses in assessment, intervention and rehabilitation (Rich, 2010, Calder, 2011).  

Professional Expertise

Steve has worked for over 26 years as a specialist in complex trauma, child mental health - offering therapeutic crisis intervention, risk assessment, trauma-focused treatment, consultancy to specialist discipline's and multi-agency groups, providing training to professionals and trauma-informed intervention and assessment work with children, young people and adults who have been exposed to childhood adversity and sexually harm. Steve has been a qualified social worker for over 17 years and has practiced and managed specialist services in Developmental & Relational Trauma, HSB, CSA, CSE, Sexual Offending and Missing From Home, and has been a national and international Independent Consultant for the past 9 years, and over the years has given evidence as an Expert Witness on many occasions. 

Work is trauma-informed, holistic and systemic in nature, is developmentally sensitive, acknowledges the individual child or adult’s uniqueness and cognitive ability to measure, reduce and influence change. Overall this service offers a robust approach to assessment; a professional learning experience and, is designed to be child and person-centred. The programmes are specifically focussed on the unique needs of the child/young person and adult to support their strengths, capacity, competency in understanding their behaviour's, with a focus on the safety of themselves and others.  


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